Distrokid Introduces Automated Royalty Splits, Now With Recoupments!

Introducing Automated Royalty Splits, Now With Recoupments via Distrokid!

In 2017, DistroKid launched Splits (original post here) as a super-easy way to automatically split any percent of earnings, from any track, with anyone.

You can split with producers, featured artists, and any of the musicians or collaborators who worked on the song — and they’ll get paid automatically.

Splits have already been added to more than 1.5 millions tracks with hundreds of thousands of collaborators.

Starting today Friday, March 7th, 2021, you can also set up “Recoupments” for any collaborator.

For example, let’s say one of the collaborators, Hayden, paid $500 for the beat, or music video, etc. Hayden can now be paid back first — before the normal splits kick in for everyone else.

Splits (with Recoupments!) is now available for all DistroKid members. Sign into DistroKid and click “Splits” to get started.

Thanks for reading — and enjoy!

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