New Creator Features For YouTube Active Uploaders (YouTube Creators)

YouTube listens to their users and made the updates needed for Creators as they eventually responded to the community feedback; if you post a lot you’ll love these new features. ▶️ 😍

If YouTube is one of your main social media outlets, then you’re really going to like these new upcoming Creator features that will be added to Creator Studio. ▶️💻

Faster Posting

If you post a lot of videos, then one of the things that you hate is always having to fill in the same information over and over, such as links and tags right!?!. YouTube now says that it will be releasing a long awaited cloning feature that will allow users to clone their upload settings from a previous video. This will definitely expedite the posting process, particularly if you post a lot from a mobile device. 📲

Another level of streamlining, the platform said it will improve its upload default settings, meaning that we’ll finally see defaults added to the mobile posting process. This will also allow multiple upload templates, so you won’t need to re-enter all the data every time you publish a clip. 😎 Yes, you can just clone the data from another video as above, but having the right data as a default in the first place will make things go faster. 👍😎

If you live fast posting, another upcoming feature will be the ability to upload videos directly from Google Drive. Drive will be added as another source for your video content, so you’ll be able to access all of your shared videos on your Drive folder. ⬇️🗂️

AI Is Here

YouTube also says that it’s working on some other, more automated video upload tools, including auto-generated video descriptions and titles and AI tools to help improve video thumbnails. It’s yet to be seen whether its suggestions are more SEO friendly that what can be done manually, but it will probably be better than some of the random titles that some users use. Also, thumbnails seems to be one of the main nuisance many creators have, so a more intelligent AI selection will definitely speed up the process. 🖼️💨

Finally, YouTube is adding pre-publish checks on mobile so it will be the same as the desktop app. This will analyze the content of your video for a range of potential violations, including copyright violations and language red flags, giving creators the opportunity to address them before they post. 👀

There’s no exact ETA for when these new Creator features will be released, but the word is that YouTube is testing each of them now. That could mean we’ll see them soon.

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