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How is KinerkTube going to help me in the music industry? Underground Music Maps has an intelligent directional platform that connects a wide community of members with underground music to the music business and products.

KinerkTube is also a relevant social platform helping music members make music projects come to life for the masses. The platform can accept your location and the main map allows you to see all the artists and businesses around you via your GPS or by use of our user-friendly intricate search engine. Our search algorithm is built with the proper intelligence to streamline what members are searching for or need in the music industry and this underground music world. The map pages can display nearly most music platform's content including playlists, videos, music widgets (embeds), etc. Pages can show photos, descriptions, contacts, 5-star rate/review system, public shout-outs, products, music, videos, podcast/radio, beats, campaigns, message forums, and more. 

The connections to the people in the music industry and the service or products to help you succeed has finally come. Now anyone can find everything they're looking for here on  

There is also a separate events map, which is an awesome place to discover, connect, and stay tin the loop via calendar and map for upcoming events near you... or where ever you desire to travel in the world.  

KinerkTube is more than just a directory and review site where you can find all the music people and music business pages on the map... KinerkTube is also a huge social music network with a vast community of underground and mainstream industry artists as well as the professional businesses that help us with our goals.  

Members can do it all... Friend Request Members, Follow Members, Unfriend Members, Decline Members, Instant Message Members, Create Timeline Posts, Post to Activity Wall, Comment on Posts, Reply to other Member Comments, Share ( posts, profiles, pages, or events), Shout-Out (to publicly share a Post, Profile, Page, or Event), Create Page Managers, See what Pages Members own on the map, and much more.

The upgraded members are not only affordably paying their preferred plan subscriptions, but they are featured with larger icons on the map and positioned above content created by Standard Package (Free) account members including their profile, page, and events found in search and spotlight sections. Having a Featured or Business Pro Account really gives members the advantage of real estate with a prominent position on the map as well as featured top spotlight search results, browser, and homepage random placement, and more.

When you get involved with KinerkTube you become a part of the community and platform that has tools and resources you need to get more relevant demographics and consumers to your content. Having a one-stop music page on the map allows industry discovery to streamline your content the way they desire. Whether you're releasing a new album or EP or new Music Video, or maybe your products and services or music brand, with KinerkTube Artists and Businesses can streamline the experience for consumer fans and customers as well as automate their content to them by simply adding playlist embeds, campaigns (smart url services), videos, website embeds, and so much more yes. All the added content is trackable with analytics to show members their conversion and insights. We will show play counts and other stats to show how it benefits you and your content. For Example, if you get 10,000 plays on your YouTube video, you can see that 4,000 of them came from KinerkTube by checking your KinerkTube page stats, So yes, we provide an amazing resourceful place to add all your music industry content for gaining more valuable stats and increasing your monetization records for pay-outs by the sites hosting your music or content in the market. Markets such as music streaming platforms, distribution platforms, social and media networks, radio stations, and more. Our well thought out platform makes our members so excited and honored to have a niche place for adding their beats, music, videos, smart url campaigns, websites, events, opportunities (Collab projects, job offers, contests, etc.) and the list goes on. We spent many years doing all the research and hard work to make the KinerkTube platform benefit anyone in the music industry with their goals.  Stay active and take advantage of all the free and/or upgraded services on KinerkTube Underground Music Maps to get the most out of it. 

There is so much more if you look through our FAQ page or check out our member Plan page to see how KinerkTube can benefit your music goals and lifestyle even further. :)

So if this doesn't help your music goals or music business out... then what will?

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