Rohnert Park, California, United States

Industry Brand
Apparel | Product Brand
Hip Hop | Hybrid | Pop | World ...


  • Years in the industry: 1+
  • Industry status: Independent


Business: Industry Brand

Specifics: Apparel | Product Brand

Genre: Hip Hop | Hybrid | Pop | World

Location: Rohnert Park, California, United States

Synopsis: VIBERWEAR™ American Clothing and Lifestyle Brand 🎶🌿🎨👨‍👦‍👦- Representing Music, Cannabis, Art, Hip Hop, & Youth Culture. VIBERWEAR ™ 'Vibe or Die' Ⓒ

VIBERWEAR™ is an American clothing and lifestyle brand established August, 2022 in the beautiful wine country of Northern California located just 45 minutes from the San Fransisco Bay Area (also known as the North Bay) a world-famous place. The brand is targeted at the music & event creators including the supporters and superfans who vibe out in every experience and moment they get (A true Viber), plus the VIBERWEAR brand is for those who vibe or die with medicated cannabis use or support cannabis in general, not to mention art, hip-hop cultures, and youth culture worldwide. The brand produces high-quality clothes and accessories to go with your vibe experiences and manufactures LED lighting for gigs and vibin' out. | Founder: Robbie K. Everydayallday | Founded: July, 2022 | KinerkTube Headquarters: Sonoma County, CA. | Establishment: Online Store | A KinerkTube® company and Independent brand | VIBERWEAR ™ 'Vibe or Die' Ⓒ Current

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