Shout-Out to @24kgoldn & @ianndior

34Goldn & Iann Dior | Rap Hybrid Pop Artist from San Francisco, (Bay Area) , California (U.S.A.)

Congrats to @24kgoldn & @ianndior in getting 1 BILLION streams on #Spotify for their hit “Mood”!

24kGoldn becomes the first Northern California artist to achieve that feature on Spotify ? ????

And we couldn’t be more proud as our hometown and headquarters is also in Northern California ?️?
??????? ?

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Shout-Out to Coolio Da Undadogg'

You already know who it iz the C double O LIO Da Undadogg from Vallejo Cr(estside) California. Cavvy R. Da'unda'dogg' (born Troy Deon Reddick) is an American recording artist, producer and CEO of Cavvy R. ... Also known as Coolio or Coolio-Da'unda'dogg' (not to be confused with the other Coolio), he has released 10 solo albums to date and has a catalog of over 30 releases by his label. He has been active in the music industry and doing tours each and every year. Can't Stop Won't Stop! Beyond his Mac Dre collabs and solo release, he has now collabed more and more with mainstream rappers. Coolio Da Undadogg also was also a major part of the making "Ain't Know Tellin" 2019 song release by Kool Jon feat. unheard lyrics of Mac Dre. There is too much history of the unkown legend himself Coolio Da Undadogg'. If there was a shout-out list for work ethic and grinding in the hip hop and rap game... he would be up there at the top of that list as one of the dopest undergorund rappers.

Coolio Da Undadogg' | Rap Artist from Watts Street Vallejo, California (USA)

Shout-Out to Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers | Electro/Folk Artist from Easton, Maryland (U.S.A.)

Opportunity and life can come at you fast. Mid 2016 Maggie Rogers was a student at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, presenting an underground rough draft song called “Alaska” to Pharrell Williams at his titular masterclass. The professor listened to the song track one time and it moved him so passionately that he was brought to tears, admitting, awestruck, “I’ve never heard anything that sounds like that.” The whole thing was filmed, giving Maggie Rogers a viral moment, and later on a viral hit once the electro-folk song was formally released. Maggie Rogers explained to Pharrell Williams that she grew up in rural Maryland playing the banjo and making folk music, before a trip to France taught her dance music’s universal spirituality. This marriage of beats and the natural world is evident on “Alaska” and her follow-up single “Dog Years,” both of which are were on her debut EP for Capitol Records February 2017. Her time to shine is now as she starts her North American headlining tour. Now we can see her grow into a mainstream star with a new following and opportunity. As we watch her rise to the fame, lets not forget where she came from... the underground music industry.  KinerkTube Shout-Out to Maggie Rogers!!

Shout-Out to Yung Pinch

Here is an Artist to look out for in 2017. Yung Pinch outta Los Angeles Northside Beach California... An Artist who has been catching some buzz, especially his hit song track "Rock With Us" which was produced into a video by Elevator Magazine whom does promotioon for Artists.  This video was just released in August 2016, and we can see a bright future for Yung Pinch as he continues to master his craft. Lets not forget where he comes from... the underground music industry.  KinerkTube Shout-Out to Yung Pinch!!

Yung Pinch | Hip Hop/Trap Artist from Los Angeles (North side Beach) CA. (U.S.A.)

Shout-Out to Sleep Dank

Sleep Dank | Rap Artist from Vallejo (Crestside) CA. (U.S.A.)

Don't sleep on "Sleep Dank" Vallejo's Crestside long-time OG underground rap legend.  Sleep has made a name for himself not only with the history of his music but with the businesses he has created for the future.  Currently CEO and Co-Founder of 530Inc, Sleep Dank has branched off brands of his arsenal to represent a lifestyle and movement from his past culture and present influence to the community.  Keep your eye on this one as he just finished up some major music projects with music legends like E-40 the Ambassador of the Bay as well as Yukmouth and many more. Check out his 2021 release SMOKE featuring E-40, Twieze, and Alfie all from Vallejo California. Sleep keeps at it and his future looks bright.  Shout-Out from KinerkTeam

Shout-Out to SupaPeach

Look out for up and coming rapper Supa Peach. She was born in the British Virgin Islands and moved with her family to Puerto Rico. Her older sister Precious Peach is her manager and her niece Mini Peach also runs a popular YouTube channel.  When she was 13-years old she revealed some of her influences, including Rihanna, whom she called her "island girl."   Before fame she started performing before her age hit double digits. She hosted birthdays, parties, and other similar events.  She is known now as the multi-talented rapper, pop singer, actress, and all-around entertainer who gained popularity through YouTube and other social media outlets. She has over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube account and rising.  Look out for Supa Peach in 2017 and beyond.  Shout-Out from KinerkTeam

SupaPeach | Rap Artist from Puerto Rico (U.S.A.)