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  Santa Rosa, California, United States

Industry Service
Hybrid | World ...


  • Years in the industry: 5+
  • Industry status: Independent


Business: Industry Service

Specifics: SaaS

Genre: Hybrid | World

Location: Santa Rosa, California, United States

Synopsis: A link tracking Saas you can trust 🔗🔒📊💻

Thank you for visiting our page on KinerkTube. We are a link shortener for only a handful of brands that we work with closely. We convert links for our clients and help them track clicks and retarget audiences. We only provide links with secure HTTPS in URL domains. This assures your security when clicking on any link you see beginning with


You can trust our links no matter who shares them, as long as it's it can have any word or characters after it and it is our secure link shortening and sharing service.


Thank you for trusting us to deliver our client's links with our shortened version for a safe redirect you can trust.


The only tracking we do is with social networks and the Google search engine. You can always opt-out by going to your privacy settings of any of these sites or just remove from your cookies. Otherwise, for your convenience, we will continue to redirect you safely and professionally retarget you with relevant links to webpages from a source that you've previously engaged with on similar content.


Thank you for being a part of our link redirecting experience.


With 🔗🔛❤️


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