Our Vision

People use KinerkTube to build relationships within the music industry, to experience what's geographically around them, and to utilize, share and promote music; including music business opportunities, events, campaigns, merch, and more. KinerkTube is home to ARTISTS, BUSINESSES, and FANS of the music industry and not limited to the underground, unsigned, independent, signed, or mainstream roles that make it all possible.


Quick Facts

Established: 2011 via YouTube

Original site Launch: 2012-2017

New Platform Build: 2016- 2019+

Re-Birth of New Platform: 2019 (Pre-Beta Testing)

Official Beta Launch of New Platform: 3rd quarter 2021

Official Launch of New Platform 01/2022

Birth/Launch of Mobile App on Google Play: 07/2022

Business Location: Santa Rosa CA, United States

Underground Music Maps

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All NEW Platform Re-Launch is HERE!


Quick Synopsis

KinerkTube is your niche marketing solution and one-stop-shop music-networking platform; the original Underground Music Maps Directory, Music Industry Review SiteSocial Music Network, and Opportunity Highway Marketplace. Together we are paving the way for how to be discovered and connect with active music people, music business, and music opportunities. KinerkTube is your campaign formula for getting your content digitally consumed and your project and business goals accomplished faster; a niche place music artists, businesses, and fans call HOME. 



Our Platform


We are proud to be the first music maps directory ever to hit the internet. We are constantly innovating and adapting to Artist, Business, and Fan needs as this fast-paced music industry moves rapidly in the street and online. Our new platform offers more tools from booking artists and shows, to special embeds, music uploads, collaborative opportunities, niche social interactions, and more. There are many surprises for our member community and visitors who tap in with us.

We are also proud to announce that is an official partner with Google Premium API.

We are your online "one-stop music social marketing spot" niche platform created and designed for Artists, Businesses, and Fans.

Our Community

Our platform of diverse members, network together as a community of Artists, Businesses, and Fans. is your music home and directory of opportunity. From underground legends to professional businesses, we are your connection to many music pages on the map which are backed up by a huge community of active members.


Who is KinerkTube meant for?... offers music exposure & connections to Artists, Agents, Managers, Beat Makers, DJs, Composers, Event Hosts, Record Labels, Photographers, Producers, Marketing Companies, Promoters, Models, Music Attorneys, Music Stores, Products/Brands, Sound Engineers, Studios, Record Labels, Radio Stations, Music Retail Stores, Venues, Videographers', Fans, Superfans, AND DOZENS MORE!

“Our new platform will innovate your mind, business, and music goals.” -The Kinerk Team

Our niche solution and purpose

We at recognize that the Underground Music community is very alive. We want to welcome all Artists, Businesses, Fans, and visitors to experience the re-launch of our brand-new online directory and social network platform that we have created just for you. is your one-stop spot for underground music and business.


The future is happening now... has created a new innovative way to streamline ALL of your online music content as well as connect and collaborate with other members, book shows and events, book artists, socialize, search, locate, and find almost anything music-related in the directory, social network, and opportunity highway marketplace. If it is industry-relevant or related then it will be on the map and/or in the directory for you to locate and find. The problem of not locating specific music needs is now solved with this innovative directory and social networking site. We work hard fulfilling demands by supplying the tools and maps to connect people and promote business... AND the best part is, IT'S FREE TO THE INTERNATIONAL WORLD! Whether you're jammin' locally or traveling on the go, has more than you can imagine to explore and discover in your music life.

“Our platform is here so you can expand your music, your business, your project goals, and your lifestyle in the right demographic direction. Literally.” -KinerkTube Founder


Quick Recap and future plans is your unique Online Music Maps Directory, Review Site, Social Network, & Opportunity Highway Marketplace with GPS locating and more. In the near future, we plan on initiating more strategic co-op moves with other industry businesses as well as utilize our own in-house creations, to be able to offer more services such as online music distribution, eCommerce shopping, website services, extended campaigns and promotions, additional community market solutions, as well as many more surprises like cyphers, industry music cup events, live radio/podcast, etc. In the meantime, we are still currently hosting/sponsoring live shows and supporting many live music events across the United States.


“We will continue to expand, and excel at being your best damn underground music source, connecting you to the industry and helping you build your career.” -The Founder

About our founder and his original idea

Robbie K always wanted to help others in the underground music industry, which he knew also could eventually help millions one day. He did this by promoting a new business online for anyone with a music passion. This was around 2011 when Robbie K Everydayallday publicized his business idea at the time called KinerkTube Underground Music. He offered free advertising, unique promotion, and free recording time to the locals. Now at this time KinerkTube wasn't officially a legal business but was an underground niche that started on YouTube. The idea was to separate the music artists into categories: where they are from, how to get hold of them, and search engine optimization purposes. Even though the channel did not go viral it was very important to those who followed. It helped many artists get their videos to the top of Google when searching for strategic keywords.

Robbie K proceeded to help promote artists on other music sites also under the name KinerkTube "Underground Music.” This was helpful to artists allowing Robbie K. to promote them for free. Locally it was making sense to become a viable business that can bring value and show results. He even made sure to pay for premium and business access to other music platforms just so he could have unlimited space available on KinerkTube playlists for others in need; thus allowing submissions from other artists and music businesses that sent their content with permission and appreciation; ultimately gaining the promotional exposure, search engine optimization, and unlimited file space availability that their song may not otherwise have been allowed when attempting to upload themselves on their own accounts. Robbie K. Everydayallday knew what needed to be done to excel his services, so he then took action by taking his whole life and work experience from all these start-up companies he helped succeed in, and he came up with the idea of "Underground Music Maps" first original directory and review site online. After many struggles to get the site going there was a soft launch in 2012 which exposed the idea and site to the public. Unfortunately, it was not user-friendly enough, leaving lots of work for Robbie K. Everydayallday to do. He worked hard and made beautiful pages for music artists as well as the music business, showing all their music social and media sites on one page. No more surfing around logging into other sites to connect and see all that an artist or business offers. KinerkTube was the answer but still had a long way to go. Not knowing who to help him take the business to the next level, he then decided to become good friends with event hosts in his area. This opened up a whole new spotlight for Robbie K as an artist doing live shows on stage and more importantly for his business KinerkTube as the sponsoring music site showing details of the event and more.

The Re-Birth

Robbie K. showed his early genius as the creator of KinerkTube with the help of very special programmers on his team in 2017. This was the time of new beginnings for Underground Music Maps. Their goals of a new platform build and relaunch were in the works. The birth of their new directory platform would now offer a universal user-friendly experience including the addition of social networking for members.

The founder and his team are proving that their hard work impacts a fundamental change for the people and businesses of this skillful music world. They truly created a solution for the active music people by directing their needs to the connections of success. This also is when the unique algorithm was made and Robbie K's passion to help the people in the industry became real for the masses. is your first original "Underground Music Maps" directory, review site, and social network online.

© Current KinerkTube | All rights reserved | #KinerkTube #UndergroundMusicMaps

The official breakdown of KinerkTube

Allow us to break it down even more... We are an online directory with a social community built for Artists, Businesses, and Fans of the music market, including but not limited to the underground, independent, and mainstream people of the industry. was built to streamline music networking with intricate search engine algorithms designed and programmed specifically for connecting active members and users of the platform. In everything we do, our team believes in never giving up, but rather working harder towards our goals both personal and professional. We created this amazing underground music maps directory because we saw an innovative way to fast start one’s music career. Remember, it's not always what we know, but who we know to help get it done. With the change of the music industry into distribution and streaming direction, KinerkTube takes it a step further by creating a marketing solution music directory, social network, review site, and opportunity highway marketplace online.


That is why we Provide Map, Connect People, and Promote Business.


KinerkTube is more than just a phone book pages for finding music contacts and events by list; we are the underground music maps for connecting the entire industry geographically with markers representing Artists and Businesses including all the music content you can think to consume (video, music, podcast/radio, beats, images, campaigns, opportunities, merch, and more) and with directional features to discover what you need or get where you need to go. When you think KinerkTube, think of your new music platform for connecting industry artists, businesses, and fans in a new niche way via our directory & maps, our social network made for easy embedding and sharing in mind, a review site for real verified reviews, an opportunity marketplace for collabs, contests, job offers, promotions, bookings, and more... moreover, a true music industry resource platform. We are similar to Google Places but built specifically for today's industry of music artists and businesses. We are the promotional solution in the current age of game-changing websites out there like Tunecore and Distrokid that offer artists affordable independent distribution on Google, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, etc., etc. KinerkTube's platform is for anybody but niched specifically for underground, unsigned, or independent music people and made to help organize and showcase their music content, connections, desired goals, events, personal projects, service offers, brands, and other relevant interests and opportunities.


You'll love our separate EVENTS map with an EVENTS CALENDAR and smart search engine for finding Shows, Festivals, Parties, Concerts, and more in your geographical area. You can also find Online Events across the map hosting LIVE, or Premiered Releases, and other relevant online hosted broadcasts. We give users standard or advanced filters in our maps to search for any desired needs no matter where you search geographically. Underground Music Maps also known as Music Maps Directory, Social Music Platform, The Music Platform, The Social Music Network!

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Our Mission Statement
"KinerkTube's mission is to give music talent and music business a way to control their destiny, and make the industry an achievable place to succeed in today's world"



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Do you have a music passion and feel you should be a part of the Underground Music Maps directory & social network? If so, pick a plan that suits your needs, create a member profile, and build a page for the map as an Artist or Business. Fans can join as a "Fan Member" and become an important role in the music scene too.

Join our community to share your music talent or skill, show love and support for people of the industry, and find what you are looking for in one visually pleasing place.

It takes a true platform to help support music goals, businesses, or projects... and that's where we come in.  The First and Original Underground Music Maps Direcotry & Social Network.

To reach success in your goals and make your dreams become a reality, remember the founder 's motto which is a simple and powerful quote to live by.

It's not always what we know, but who we know   .
-KinerkTube Founder


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