Our Vision

People use KinerkTube to build relationships within the music industry, to experience what's geographically around them, and to utilize, share and promote music; including music business opportunities, events, campaigns, merch, and more. KinerkTube is home to ARTISTS, BUSINESSES, and FANS of the music industry and not limited to the underground, unsigned, independent, signed, or mainstream roles that make it all possible.


Quick Facts

Established: 2011 via YouTube

Original site Launch: 2012-2017

New Platform Build: 2016- 2019+

Re-Birth of New Platform: 2019 (Pre-Beta Testing)

Official Beta Launch of New Platform: 3rd quarter 2021

Official Launch of New Platform 01/2022

Birth/Launch of Mobile App on Google Play: 07/2022

Business Location: Santa Rosa CA, United States

Underground Music Maps

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All NEW Platform Re-Launch is HERE!


Quick Synopsis

KinerkTube is your niche marketing solution and one-stop-shop music-networking platform; the original Underground Music Maps Directory, Music Industry Review SiteSocial Music Network, and Opportunity Highway Marketplace. Together we are paving the way for how to be discovered and connect with active music people, music business, and music opportunities. KinerkTube is your campaign formula for getting your content digitally consumed and your project and business goals accomplished faster; a niche place music artists, businesses, and fans call HOME. 



Our Platform

As the first-ever music maps directory on the internet, we at take pride in our constant innovation and adaptation to the rapidly evolving needs of Artists, Businesses, and Fans in the music industry. Our platform provides an array of tools such as artist and show bookings, special embeds, music uploads, collaborative opportunities, niche social interactions, and more. We have exciting surprises in store for our members and visitors.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that is an official partner with Google Premium API plus AWS's partner program for startups.

We are your online "one-stop music social marketing spot" niche platform created and designed for Artists, Businesses, and Fans.

Our Community is your ultimate music hub and directory of opportunity, connecting diverse members of the music community including Artists, Businesses, and Fans. Whether you're an underground legend or a professional business, we provide a platform for you to network and connect with a huge community of active members. With many music pages on the map, is your go-to source for all things music.


Who is KinerkTube meant for?... offers music exposure & connections to Artists, Agents, Managers, Beat Makers, DJs, Composers, Event Hosts, Record Labels, Photographers, Producers, Marketing Companies, Promoters, Models, Music Attorneys, Music Stores, Products/Brands, Sound Engineers, Studios, Record Labels, Radio Stations, Music Retail Stores, Venues, Videographers', Fans, Superfans, AND DOZENS MORE!

“Our new platform will innovate your mind, business, and music goals.” -The Kinerk Team

Our niche solution and purpose

At, we are fully aware of the thriving Music community, and we extend a warm welcome to all Artists, Businesses, Fans, and visitors. Our brand-new online directory and social network platform is exclusively designed for you, and we invite you to experience its grand re-launch. With, you can access everything you need in one place for underground music and business.

The future is here, and it's exciting! has revolutionized the way you can streamline your online music content, connect and collaborate with other members, book shows and events, book artists, socialize, and locate anything related to music in the directory, social network, and opportunity highway marketplace. If it's relevant to the industry, you can easily locate it on our map or directory. The issue of not finding specific music-related requirements is now resolved with our innovative directory and social networking site. We are dedicated to fulfilling demands by providing the necessary tools and maps to connect people and promote business. The best part? It's completely free for the international world! Whether you're enjoying music locally or traveling on the go, has a plethora of options for you to explore and discover in your musical journey.


“Our platform is here so you can expand your music, your business, your project goals, and your lifestyle in the right demographic direction. Literally.” - Robbie K. Everydayallday (KinerkTube Founder)


Quick Recap and future plans is a one-of-a-kind online platform that offers an innovative Music Maps Directory, Review Site, Social Network, and Opportunity Highway Marketplace, complete with GPS locating features and more. Their vision for the future is to continue expanding their services through strategic partnerships with other industry businesses, as well as incorporating their own in-house creations to provide even more value to their users. Their plans include adding online music distribution, eCommerce shopping, website services, extended campaigns and promotions, additional community market solutions, and other exciting features such as cyphers, industry music cup events, live radio/podcast, and more. While they work towards these future goals, is still actively sponsoring and hosting live music shows and events across the United States, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to supporting artists and the music industry.



“We will continue to expand, and excel at being your best damn underground music source, connecting you to the industry and helping you build your career.” - Robbie K. Everydayallday (KinerkTube Founder)

About our founder and his original idea

In 2011, Robbie K founded KinerkTube Underground Music to promote underground music artists through free advertising and unique promotion, including free recording time and location-based categorization for SEO. He extended the promotion to other music sites and paid for premium access, allowing other artists and businesses to submit their content. Robbie K later created "Underground Music Maps," a directory and review site, but faced challenges. He overcame them by developing a DIY platform that enabled easy creation of beautiful pages for artists and businesses, showcasing all their social and media sites on a single page. Additionally, he befriended event hosts to display his business as a sponsor during live events.

The Re-Birth

In 2017, Robbie K. and his team of programmers embarked on a new venture to revamp Underground Music Maps. Their mission was to create a more user-friendly platform that included social networking for members. With their hard work, they succeeded in developing a universal solution that catered to the needs of the music industry, resulting in a fundamental change for both people and businesses. This was when they also developed a unique algorithm, which allowed Robbie K. to fulfill his passion of helping individuals in the industry on a larger scale. is your first original "Underground Music Maps" directory, review site, and social network online.

© Current KinerkTube | All rights reserved | #KinerkTube #UndergroundMusicMaps

The official breakdown of KinerkTube

Let us explain further. is an online directory and social community for artists, businesses, and fans in the music industry, including those in the underground, independent, and mainstream scenes. Our platform streamlines music networking through advanced search algorithms designed to connect active members. Our team believes in hard work and perseverance to achieve both personal and professional goals. We created the underground music maps directory as an innovative way to jumpstart one's music career. In today's music industry, which is heavily focused on distribution and streaming, KinerkTube offers a comprehensive marketing solution that includes a directory, social network, review site, and marketplace for opportunities.


That is why we Provide Map, Connect People, and Promote Business.


KinerkTube goes beyond being a mere directory for music contacts and event listings; we are a comprehensive underground music map that enables connections to an entire industry geographically. Our markers represent artists, businesses, and all the music content you can imagine, including videos, music, podcasts, beats, images, campaigns, opportunities, merchandise, and more, with directional features to help you discover what you need or get where you need to go. Our platform serves as a new niche way of connecting industry artists, businesses, and fans through our directory and maps, our social network that allows for easy embedding and sharing (share embeds from pages and events), our review site that verifies reviews, and our opportunity marketplace that provides collabs, contests, job offers, promotions, bookings, and more. In essence, we are a true resource platform for the music industry, similar to Google Places, but built specifically for today's music industry.

Our platform caters to anyone but is niche-specifically designed for underground, unsigned, or independent music artists and businesses to help organize and showcase their music content, connections, goals, events, personal projects, service offers, brands, and other relevant interests and opportunities. Moreover, our separate EVENTS map features an EVENTS CALENDAR and a smart search engine that helps you find shows, festivals, parties, concerts, and other relevant events in your geographical area, including online events hosting LIVE or Premiered Releases. Our maps also offer users standard or advanced filters to search for any desired needs, regardless of the location. Underground Music Maps also known as Music Maps Directory, Social Music Platform, The Music Platform, The Social Music Network!

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"KinerkTube's mission is to give music talent and music business a way to control their destiny, and make the industry an achievable place to succeed in today's world"



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It's not always what we know, but who we know   .
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