Quick Facts

NAME: Robert Kinerk aka Robbie K. Everydayallday

BIRTH DATE: June 10th, 1982 (age 41)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Santa Rosa CA United States



The Founder

Robbie K. Everydayallday is an entrepreneur who founded KinerkTube.com Underground Music Maps; which is a niche online music directory, review site and social network. The site was programmed and designed to connect the music people to the music industry on one intricate streamlining all-in-one platform.



Born in 1982 in Santa Rosa, California, Robbie K. Everydayallday has proven to be a valuable asset in the dynamic realm of sales and marketing. Alongside his practical experience, he has actively pursued knowledge by studying for online certificates in his field, including the prestigious Google Business certification. This dedication extends beyond the conventional boundaries of his industry, as he delves into various tech and music marketing ventures, demonstrating a commitment to staying at the forefront of evolving trends and technologies. His continuous pursuit of education complements his hands-on experience, making him a well-rounded professional in the ever-changing landscape of music, tech, sales, and marketing.


Early Life

Embarking on his journey as a hardworking young adult in blue-collar jobs, Robbie K. honed his skills and developed a deep appreciation for life's challenges. Amidst the grind, his enduring passion for music, cultivated during his upbringing on '90s oldies, ignited a desire to create his own tunes. Exposure to hip hop legends like Run DMC, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice on TV further fueled his dream of becoming a rapper, despite seeming distant at the time.

In 6th grade, a school party provided Robbie K. with his first real taste of hip hop and dance. Winning a dance contest earned him his initial rap cassette tapes, featuring hits like Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." This marked the beginning of his growing interest in rap music. Armed with only a pen and paper, he delved into poetry and rap lyrics as a means of coping with the challenges of his past.

Facing adversity, Robbie K. found himself ousted from his parents' home at 14 due to lifestyle choices. This pivotal moment led him into real-life situations of street life, survival, and encounters with the legal system. As he navigated the complexities of juvenile hall, institutions, and probation, his resilience paved the way for self-recovery. Despite the hurdles, the allure of street survival remained a priority during his adolescent years, creating a reality that, in hindsight, he acknowledges was an excuse hindering his pursuit of greater things.


Early Career & Life

It wasn't until later in life that Robbie K. found a group of friends who shared his passion for hip hop and rap, forming a tight-knit bond. Together, they recorded their first track using an old cassette tape player and a makeshift karaoke mic setup. Despite the poor quality, this experience gave Robbie a glimpse of his potential. A few years later, he encountered a childhood friend with a fully equipped music studio running FL Studios, marking a significant step up in his music recording journey.

As time passed, Robbie faced the challenges of maintaining stability, working hard, and supporting his family. After a challenging relationship led to a separation three years into his marriage, Robbie gained full custody of his children, adding a new layer of responsibility. This fueled his determination to achieve greatness, and he worked smarter, making a name for himself in various endeavors.

Becoming a top leader and salesperson for startups in Northern California, Robbie excelled in building capital for these businesses. However, despite his success, the financial strain of living in a rapidly rising housing market pushed him to seek assistance, eventually securing Section 8 public housing after a six-year wait.

As Robbie's children grew more independent, the inspiration to create music resurfaced. Using rap lyrics as an outlet, he found solace and stress relief. However, the realization of the challenges involved in turning his passion into a career prompted him to invest in the latest version of Pro Tools, establishing his own recording studio. While progress was slow, Robbie faced the new challenge of navigating distribution and marketing to bring his music dreams to a broader audience.


KinerkTube's Upcoming

Robbie K. harbored a long-standing aspiration to assist fellow artists in the underground music industry, envisioning a day when he could impact millions by addressing the common struggle of finding local music connections and industry knowledge. His innovative solution materialized around 2011 when Robbie, operating under the alias Robbie K Everydayallday, launched KinerkTube Underground Music. Although not yet an officially registered business, KinerkTube began as an underground niche on YouTube. Robbie categorized artists based on their location, making it easier to connect and optimizing search engine results.

Initially, KinerkTube focused on offering free advertising, distinctive promotion, and complimentary recording time to local musicians. Despite not achieving viral status, the platform garnered a dedicated following, significantly aiding artists in achieving top Google rankings for strategic keywords.

Expanding beyond YouTube, Robbie extended his promotional efforts to other music sites under the banner of KinerkTube "Underground Music." This altruistic promotion, coupled with the realization of local viability, prompted Robbie to transform KinerkTube into a tangible business that delivered tangible value and measurable results. Robbie went the extra mile by investing in premium and business access on various music platforms, ensuring unlimited space on KinerkTube playlists for artists and music businesses seeking promotional exposure, search engine optimization, and expanded file space.

Drawing on his vast experience with successful startups, Robbie took a pivotal step in 2012, introducing KinerkTube.com "Underground Music Maps" as the first original directory and review site online. While the initial launch faced challenges, with a soft launch in 2012 revealing usability issues, Robbie dedicated himself to revamping the platform. He painstakingly crafted visually appealing pages for both artists and music businesses, consolidating all their social and media sites in one accessible location, eliminating the need for users to navigate multiple platforms. Although KinerkTube was the answer, Robbie recognized the need for improvement.

Undeterred, Robbie sought to elevate his business to the next level and found inspiration in forming connections with local event hosts. This move not only thrust Robbie into the spotlight as a performing artist on stage but also brought newfound attention to KinerkTube, positioning it as a sponsoring music site for events, showcasing event details and more.


The Re-Birth

Robbie K. showed his early genius as the creator of KinerkTube with the help of very special programmers on his team in 2017. This was the time of new beginnings for KinerkTube.com Underground Music Maps. Their goals of a new platform build and re-launch was in the works. The birth of their new directory platform would now offer a universal user-friendly experience including addition of social networking for members.

The founder and his team are proving that their hard work impacts a fundamental change for the people and businesses of this skillful music world. They truly created a solution for the active music people by directing their needs to the connections of success. This also is when the unique algorithm was made and Robbie K's passion to help the people in the industry became real for the masses.

KinerkTube.com is your original Underground Music Maps online directory, review site, social network, & opportunity highway.

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