Audiomack has partnered with Amuse—the independent record label and music distributor—to offer artists an easier way to get their music to the ears of eager fans and hungry tastemakers. The partnership will allow creators to connect their Audiomack and Amuse profiles to easily distribute their music to the platform via account linking.

“Amuse and Audiomack are highly aligned partners with a focus on empowering rising artists and innovating the traditional tools offered by distributors and streaming platforms,” says Vanessa Wilkins, Audiomack’s VP, Head of Music & Data Partnerships. “Audiomack has worked with Amuse to circumvent issues inherent to other DSPs by offering our shared creator clientele a streamlined way to ensure their content is delivered to the correct artist profile, seamlessly and automatically.”

The integration allows Amuse users to link their Audiomack account and have their music distributed directly and automatically to their artist profile on Audiomack. This functionality removes the complexities from the traditional music distribution process and help to clarify the relationship between distribution companies and digital streaming platforms.

“Audiomack is undeniably one of the most influential and powerful platforms for artists and creators today,” says Diego Farias, CEO & Co-Founder of Amuse. “We are super excited for this partnership that will allow all Amuse users to not only upload directly to Audiomack through the Amuse app but also connect their artist profiles to better ensure a seamless connection between the two services.”

On your KinerkTube pages and events you can easily embed your Audiomack songs, albums, playlist, or any audio you have on there by simply placing a URL or embedded code, if you’re looking to customize things like the color. Also we think it’s awesome that Audiomack has this new partnership with the independent distribution company and many didn’t know that Amuse also offers a smart link page which is compatible on KinerkTube under your Campaigns/Releases tab on your page(s). Make sure to add Audiomack and Amuse content to your page to maximize your streams and monetization and gain Analytics for what engagement is happening on your KinerkTube page with Audiomack or Amuse content so you can compare it up against the the analytics that they provide you on their end. Perhaps you’re getting traffic from other countries engaging with your music on KinerkTube compared to Audiomack. Together it increases your exposure and audience reach.

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