YouTube is introducing their YouTube Shorts Beta to the U.S starting today, as they continue to build the experience alongside their gigantic global community.

Last September, YouTube announced that they are building YouTube Shorts, a short-form video experience for anyone who wants to create short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones. Since introducing their initial beta in India, they’ve already started to see creators having fun with Shorts, and the number of Indian channels using their creation tools has more than tripled since the beginning of December alone. People are also watching more and more Shorts around the globe ??? – the YouTube Shorts player has now surpassed 6.5 billion daily views globally. ??

Starting today and over the next several weeks, YouTube will gradually expand their Shorts beta to the U.S. They plan to introduce more features as they continue to build Shorts alongside creators and artists. Here’s an update on where they headed with YouTube Shorts based on feedback from their community.

Unlocking a new playground of creativity

Same Moves Different Energy ⚡️ #shorts

In the coming months, YouTube Shorts will launch the ability to use audio from videos across YouTube – which includes billions of videos worldwide – unlocking a new playground of creativity like never before. This means you can give your own creative spin on the content you love to watch on YouTube and help find it a new audience — whether it’s reacting to your favorite jokes, trying your hand at a creator’s latest recipe, or re-enacting comedic skits. Creators will be in control and will be able to opt out if they don’t want their long form video remixed. 

YouTube also worked alongside their music partners to make sure artists and creators have a large library of songs to use in their Shorts. As m they launch their beta in the US, they’ll have millions of songs (and growing), music catalogs from over 250 labels and publishers, including Universal Music Group’s labels and publishing companies, Sony Music Entertainment and Publishing, Warner Music Group and Warner Chappell Music, Believe, Merlin, 300 Entertainment, Kobalt, Beggars, CD Baby, Empire, Peer, Reservoir, OneRPM and more. As they expand Shorts, the library and number of partners will continue to grow.

Stay tuned for more Shorts creation tools rolling out in the future as we expand to more countries. 


Delivering a seamless viewing experience across YouTube

YouTube knows that creation is only one part of the Shorts experience. They also want to help people find Shorts to enjoy and help creators get discovered. They’ve introduced a row on the YouTube homepage especially for Shorts, have launched a new watch experience that lets you easily swipe vertically from one video to the next, and are testing adding a Shorts tab on mobile that makes it easier for you to watch Shorts with a single tap.

YouTube is also exploring how to deepen your connection with Shorts content, creators, and artists you’re most interested in by integrating it with the YouTube you already know and love. For instance, if you hear a snippet of a song on Shorts, you can easily find the full song, watch the music video, or learn more about the artist —all on YouTube. And soon it will work both ways. Loving music from Megan Thee Stallion? Tap the create button right from the video to make your own Short with that audio, or check out how others are using it on Shorts.

As more people create and watch Shorts, YouTube expects that their systems will get even better, improving their ability to help you discover new content, trends, and creators you’ll love. 

Bringing YouTube Shorts to the U.S.

Supporting mobile creators 

YouTube has helped an entire generation of creators turn their creativity into businesses and become the next generation media companies. Over the last three years, they’ve paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies.

Shorts is a new way to watch and create on YouTube, so they’re taking a fresh look at what it means to monetize Shorts and reward creators for their content. They are deeply committed to supporting the next generation of mobile creators with Shorts, and are actively working on what monetization options will look like in the future.

Parents are always asking if you’re done with something ??‍♂️? | Dtay Known #shorts​ Underground Music Maps takes this a step further by Implementing YouTube Shorts into the discovery and social music network part of the platform; built with passion, love, and commitment to the music industry.

The Shorts beta will start gradually rolling out March 18th and will be available to everybody in the U.S. over the next several weeks. YouTube already knows that it will take them time to get it right, and they’re just getting started. They expressed, they can’t wait for you to try Shorts and them build a first-class short-form video experience right on YouTube. 

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