Fairfield California hip-hop artist makes impression with his song ‘BLM’ about police brutality

Corey Byrdsong, aka Ice Meez (@IceMeez), recently released at heartfelt song and music for his song “BLM” that depicts social injustice in an extremely powerful way – so powerful that it has grabbed the attention of platinum recording artist Wyclef Jean, causing him to post Ice Meez on his social Instagram and garnering more than 5,000 views in one day.

Byrdsong also just was recruited by SEIU 1021 to perform for an estimated 2,000 people in Oakland that took place at a peaceful protest June 13, essentially becoming the anthem for the movement as they repeatedly played the song as they marched the streets.

Byrdsong said he is a proud resident of Fairfield and also a member of SEIU 1021. The song is gaining traction and has only been out for a few days.

Ice Meez: “BLM” (Music Video)

Ice Meez: SEIU 1021 (Protest Performance) Oakland

Wyclef Jean Instagram post for Ice Meez:


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