KinerkTube: Development & Design Updates In 4th Quater of 2022

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NEW LIVE UPDATES ETA October 25th, 2022

 Great Things Take Time!

Rolling out soon will be an awesome new design and feel with Artist pages on the music mapsBusiness pages on the music maps, and Events on the events map. Plus we are working on a slight homepage update, login page redesign, and soon after, other pages like the KinerkTube Video Gallery. The gallery will showcase featured videos by upgraded member pages, music video submissions, and KinerkTube added tubes.

We appreciate all of you who have already joined our music maps community & social network so far. ? 

Is KinerkTube For Me?

KinerkTube is the place for music lovers to find new artists and connect with other music enthusiasts.

Join our social network and be a part of this growing community!

KinerkTube is packed with features for networking with music people…For Instance, you can share your favorite songsalbumsvideosbeatspodcasts, and campaigns (DSP Embedded Players) inside KinerkTube social walls and instant chats directly with active fans. You can get to know new artists, businesses, brands, and discover events near you. Start discovering new genres of music.

Utilize KinerkTube stats & analytics to add and compare to your insights and marketing strategies. ? 

KinerkTube is funvaluable, and free to join! ? 

The free forever Standard plan gives most bells and whistles (smart tools and features) and supporters (music lovers) get perks when joining as a Fan or Superfan inside the social network.

IMPORTANT: The year you join shows on your member profile, where you associate your own DIY pages on the music map. You have the ability to show off all of the different types of content you’ve published across the internet, such as your music, beats, music videos, merch, social feeds, booking, smart campaigns, etc.

So What Does This Mean For Musicians & Music Business In A Nut Shell?

With KinerkTube you can create your own media empire by adding music, videos, podcasts, events, and more.

KinerkTube is a social media site that allows you to show off your skills. You can make money and build an audience, all while having fun.

KinerkTube provides a multimedia platform where artists can share their work with the world while earning revenue. All of this is done simply by leveraging their content discovery for the purpose of increasing engagements, streaming counts, and conversions in the music marketplace and commerce world.

We would appreciate your support by participating in the KinerkTube community as we are shooting for the moon ? 

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