Video Premiere: The Happys – ‘Bipolar’

Bay-Area, indie-rock darlings The Happys proud to premiere their new video for Bipolar, out now on an EP of the same name. 

The “Bipolar” video was shot at Ron Collins Art Gallery in Northern California by Will Rushton, whom the band met through Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity, a nonprofit that helps homeless kids (and helped Petty through his own struggles).

Quote from frontman Nick Petty

“‘Bipolar’ is a song written about a girl who I once liked who had bipolar disorder. In hindsight, this song is based on the give-and-take nature of love. The song dives into personal struggles from my childhood with bipolar emotions and tendencies. I always want to empower people through my lyrics to never feel less than anyone else for struggling with their mental health and differences.

“I also want to emphasize that all people who struggle with mental disorders—whether it’s depression, mania, bipolar disorder or anything else—deserve a fulfilling and happy life and should not be scrutinized by society for their differences and struggles. I believe that if we want to grow as a society, we need to be more empathic and understanding of how others feel.

“During these times, I want to help people to understand that it’s normal to feel weird and lost during this quarantine. While it will eventually pass, I truly believe that we can use this time to create something beautiful.”

He adds…

“I get what it’s like to not be getting the necessary help while suffering from depression and anxiety. I am very lucky to have this musical outlet to help with my own issues and I want to spread the love and hope to anyone who will listen. I strive to entertain people and let people know it’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to be different.”

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