KinerkTube Supporter IceMeez

"SHOUT-OUT to Underground Music Maps, Appreciate you guys!" -IceMeez


Rapper from Fairfield, Ca. He has worked alongside other Flatland rappers such as Sage The GeminiTaj-He-Spitz, and Mac Reese. He was also featured on Hollow Tip's album Rydah's & Hustla's. In October, 202 he did a song collab with Bay Area Legend San Quinn and it ran up over 14 thousand right away. He is continuously releasing new material and his delivery is very unique and full of conviction Recently he has been heard by famous rap legends and music industry celebrities. His music is being played and shared by many influencers and tastemakers. He is an influencer and tastemaker himself. Now being a supporter of Underground Music Maps he will have env more exposure and spotlight. We have supported him for many years now and we knew it was just a matter of time for him to reach his goals. He is clearly on his way and making his mark in the history books especially as he performed a BLM campaign with his hit song BLM which sparked a movement and now found all over social media. Discover his KinerkTube Underground Music Maps page for more details, opportunities with IceMeez himself, and content on this up-and-coming artist outta Fairfield, CA.