Alvin Harrison Cantune Records


  MODESTO, California, United States

Band: Original - Country Rock | Pop | Rock


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  • Label: CanTune Records
  • Years in the industry: 30+
  • Industry status: Independent

Alvin Harrison Cantune Records

Artist: Band: Original

Genre: Country Rock | Pop | Rock

Location: MODESTO, California, United States

Never give up on your dream. Life will get in the way, it will offer up distractions, but you can get through it all if your faith in your dream is strong. I have been playing music since I was 7. As a teen and through college playing in various bands. After college I was in a full-time touring band for many years…then life got in the way of my musical aspirations. I have always wanted to complete and release an album of my songs…..a commercial release. During my “band” days the only way to accomplish that was through a record company. That never happened, but I always held on to that dream. I never gave up on the desire to achieve my dream. I kept writing and playing…and living. I now have the freedom to have my own studio…and the time to create my music. The music business has also changed. Record companies no longer provide the only path to getting your music out there and heard. The many online platforms (like this one) provide an alternate path to getting your music heard and appreciated. My new album “Can’t Stop Now” is me living my dream. You can live your dream if you never give up on it.


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