Jonny hates Rock


  Hanau, Hessen, Germany

Band: Original - 70's | Alternative | Garage rock | Indie | P


  • Label: Interaural Audio
  • Years in the industry: 20+
  • Industry status: Signed

Jonny hates Rock

Artist: Band: Original

Genre: 70's | Alternative | Garage rock | Indie | Punk | Punk Rock | Rock

Location: Hanau, Hessen, Germany

Where others try to sound like Garage, or Punk, or Beat, you can sense decay, the dirt of all transiency, the musty mildew under the shiny surface. And maybe that is what makes these three gentleman modern. Live, they also celebrate deterioration. With the help of an acidic lightshow, they portray the beauty of ugliness, the genius within the wrong note, the perfection of dilettantism.

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