Robbie K. Everydayallday

@everydayallday   Santa Rosa, California, United States  Rohnert Park, California

Rapper- Battle Rap | Comedy | Hardcore Rap | Hip Hop | Old School | Rap | Trap
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  • Label: #Everydayallday
  • Years in the industry: 20+
  • Industry status: Independent

Robbie K. Everydayallday BIO

Robbie K. Everydayallday is from Sonoma County California. 80's baby Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park Cali born and raised Robbie K has been doing poetry and rap since elementary school. Since 14 yrs. old getting kicked out of his parents, he was forced to learn the hard way, which ultimately helped him to be the the artist and person he is today! He was able to make some recorded mixtapes on old school cassetts however they all got stolen and lost over the years. His ex girlfriends may have been a part of the mysterous missing music tapes. Living that music and hustla's life #Everydayallday, he found him self making music where ever he could in the 90's as a young teenager. Also during his adolecent years, Robbie K had experienced a tough childhood in and out of Juvenal hall as well as jail as a young adult. With time on his side and the experience of failure, Robbie K had only one way to go... UP! His moto, "There is no such thing as success without failure" and so he kept his persistence and started over in his goals many times.

He continued to make music while hustling in the streets of northern California as a young adult. Robbie K then got to a point with music and success that he was able to start his career path in music business by creating his own online niche promotional site for artists and music biz. He started working with other entrepreneur leaders in other industries as well as music legends, ce...

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