Robbie K. Everydayallday


Robbie K. Everydayallday

  Santa Rosa, California, United States

  Rohnert Park, California

Rapper - Battle Rap | Comedy | Cypher | Freestyle | Hardcore ...
Skills: Consulting | Content Creating | Freestyling | Graphic Designing | Manufacturing Merch...
  • Label: #Everydayallday
  • Years in the industry: 20+
  • Industry status: Independent

Robbie K. Everydayallday

Artist: Rapper

Genre: Battle Rap | Comedy | Cypher | Freestyle | Hardcore Rap | Hip Hop | Hybrid | Old School | Poetry | Pop | Rap | Singer / Songwriter | Trap

Skills: Consulting | Content Creating | Freestyling | Graphic Designing | Manufacturing Merch | Music Producing | Performing Live | Photography | Promoting | Rapping | Recording | Song Mastering | Songwriting | Talent Scouting | Video Editing | ...

Location: Santa Rosa, California, United States

Hometown: Rohnert Park, California

Synopsis: Founder & CEO {KinerkTube®} 🎶🗺️🔍🤩 Verified Music Artist 🎶 Entrepreneur👨‍💼 Full Custody Dad👨‍👦‍👦 Innovator ℹ️🧐💻 Hustla 💪 #Everydayallday 🐐 #independent

Robbie K. Everydayallday BIO: Robbie K. Everydayallday, also known as Robbie K, is an artist and musician with roots in the vibrant landscapes of Sonoma County, California. As an 80's baby born and raised in Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park, my journey into the world of poetry and rap began during my early school days and continued to flourish as a true passion. At the age of fourteen, I faced a challenging period and found myself making choices that led to my departure from my family home. This pivotal moment in my life served as a catalyst for growth, shaping me into the artist and person I am today. Despite facing hurdles, I remained unwavering in my dedication to music, recording mixtapes on old-school cassettes, though they were regrettably lost or stolen over time. My teenage years were marked by living the music and hustler's life in the '90s, as I honed my craft as a young artist. These formative years were not without hardships, including experiences in and out of Juvenile Hall, and a brief period in jail as a young adult. Nevertheless, I recognized the invaluable lessons these challenges provided and embraced them as opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement. With the guiding motto, "There is no such thing as success without failure," I pressed on, channeling my passion for music and honing my skills. As a young adult, I hustled in the streets of northern California, continually exploring my artistic expression and refining my craft. My...

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